Sunday, August 8, 2010

Therapy 8.4

Good news is coming.

My legs have tone in them!  They are not firm by any definition of the word but they are not as floppy or flaccid as they have been.  My leg muscles are twitching.  They are twitching to gain strength.  Once they are stronger then I can begin working them to build more strength.  It's another good sign that my nerves are healing.

Technically I still have neurological damage.  I have clonus which is a tapping in my foot when trying to flex it.  Once it permanently goes away it's a great sign.  It shows I have made some significant neurological healing.

Recovery from GBS is full of peaks and plateaus.  I am pretty sure I am in a peaking period.  My toes are cramping more as well as tingling.  I have that feeling that my limbs are falling asleep ... that prickling pins and needles feeling.  I also am having some serious pain in my hip.  I think I have sciatica as well as bursitis.  It's probably the most painful thing I have to deal with.  The pain pills I have don't really do much since a lot of my pain is neurological.  I also have scraped my elbows to bleeding by attempting to get on them while on my stomach.  I may need to invest in some elbow pads!

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Jayme said...

Stephanie, I didn't see this before I emailed you. That pins and needles feeling is a fabulous feeling! A couple weeks into my stay in the hospital, I was asleep in my multipodus boots, and suddenly awoke to such a sensation in my right toes. I couldn't figure it out and thought maybe something was wrong with the boot. I was able to sit up, so I took off the boot to see what was going on, and was shocked to find that I was suddenly able to point and flex my foot, as well as lay on my back and raise my leg clear up to the ceiling! I moved my leg all around! It was awesome! Pins and needles is a really wonderful sign!

I still have tonus, but it has diminished significantly. I don't usually have spasms anymore, except for when I'm switching positions or standing after laying or sitting for a while, or in cold temperatures. Sometimes I will also get them if I overexert myself.

What kind of medication does your doctor have you on? Neurontin (Gabapentin) was my life saver. I don't have a lot of that weird nervy pain anymore. I do have some sensory issues in my lower legs and feet, but nothing major. So, I don't take it anymore. But when I did need it, it was so helpful to keep that to a minimum. I also took tramedol (I think that's the name) for pain, and that was helpful as well.

I am so excited for you! You are seeing and feeling some wonderful, progressive things! My prayers continue to be with you. Take care.