Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30th

Yesterday we made a good stride with PT.  Although it wasn't a motion or anything it's a huge stride in strength.  My therapist was able to transfer me from my bed to my wheelchair without the hoyer lift.  My legs have enough tone in them now that when I can put weight through my feet my muscles actually contract so I don't just collapse.  Courtney my PT obviously did 95% of the work.  She sits in front of me and wraps her arms under my arms and around my back.  I then put my arms around her shoulders basically like we are hugging.  Then she squeezes my knees between hers so they give me support.  Then we hug real tight and she basically spins me from the bed to the wheelchair.  It really is a big step.  When I was being discharged from the hospital we were trying the same thing and it took three people to do the same thing.  

So even though small ... we are taking steps continually in the right direction.


Jayme said...

Very nice! Is she having you use a slider board? Or is she having you go straight for a stand pivot? Stand pivot is harder, but the slider board can be dangerous if it happens to slip out from under you or something. Congratulations on not having to use the hoyer lift! They always made me feel like a canary or something. I hated it. I'm sure your therapist has already said this, but every time she helps you transfer, try to power as much strength into your leg muscles as you can. I really think that this was the beginning of getting my legs back. Good luck! I'm still praying for you!

Kyle and Tiffany said...

Hooray! That's awesome! I'm so glad that you had a nice weekend with your family, and that you got pampered a bit.

Tami said...

Every little thing is huge! You are so strong on the inside, it is only a matter of time before your nerves and muscles realize that and decide to be strong too. I love you and can't wait to shave them sexy legs again!