Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30th

Yesterday we made a good stride with PT.  Although it wasn't a motion or anything it's a huge stride in strength.  My therapist was able to transfer me from my bed to my wheelchair without the hoyer lift.  My legs have enough tone in them now that when I can put weight through my feet my muscles actually contract so I don't just collapse.  Courtney my PT obviously did 95% of the work.  She sits in front of me and wraps her arms under my arms and around my back.  I then put my arms around her shoulders basically like we are hugging.  Then she squeezes my knees between hers so they give me support.  Then we hug real tight and she basically spins me from the bed to the wheelchair.  It really is a big step.  When I was being discharged from the hospital we were trying the same thing and it took three people to do the same thing.  

So even though small ... we are taking steps continually in the right direction.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29

What a weekend!

We were lucky to have family here this weekend.  We had early birthday parties, blessed Talon, and were busy all the time!  During all the chaos Tami and my Mom helped give me some special treatment!

Tami gave me a massage on my shoulder.  I have this almost permanent, golf ball size knot on my right shoulder and boy is it a bugger!  It gives me headaches and aches all the time.  It was nice to have Tami work it out a little bit.  It definitely wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but afterward it felt great!
I also got my hair washed.  This was one of the first roles my Mom took upon herself when I was in the hospital.  We use a blow up shampoo bowl that lays on the bed and drains into a garbage can.  It was given to us by my Mom's good friend, thanks Julie, it helps so much!  My Mom is great, she washes and blow dries my hair twice a week.  It's not very often but when you don't fix your hair or use products it's amazing how much longer your hair can last!  Blow drying is typically where it ends but Tami straightened my hair too.  It felt so clean and smooth, thanks Mom and Tami!

Hair doing wasn't all that happened ... Tami also shaved my legs.  This is definitely something that I notice way more than anyone else does.  I can't feel that my legs are hairy but I notice 20 times a day when I look at them.  I think this is the 4th time in over 7 months they have been shaved ... ewww!  It was so nice to see them smooth and soft from the lotion.  Plus it's good therapy because there are different sensations, shaving cream, razor blades, lotion, rubbing, and all help stimulate my nerves. 
The weekend was such a whirlwind but it was great to have so many people we love around.  As soon as everyone was gone though I crashed for like 2 hours!  :0)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, August 27th

I really want this blog to become more of a journal.  Typing is not easy for me since I can only type with my thumb ... but I want this to look back on, for me and my family.

Last nights fundraiser was a whirlwind!  It was such a huge success and probably the fastest two hours of my life!  So many people worked hard to put this on and I am thankful to all who supported!  It was so crazy to see close friends, family, people I haven't seen since high school, ward members, and even people I had never met come piling through the door.  I was overwhelmed and humbled by it all.  For just a little while in my crazy life I felt normal which was strange in itself.  I know it's only been 7 months but I almost don't remember what it's like to have my legs move.  I walked and stood longer than I haven't but something I have learned is how quickly you forget.  I have this deep desire inside for more, yet you learn to adapt.  You have to keep pushing through or you lose site of all the GOOD THINGS left around you.   There is more good than bad, even in the worst of situations, and sometimes it's hard to remember that when you feel everything crumbling down on you.

Thanks again to everyone!

Matt and Tami come tonight!  Yay!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Woozy ...

I don't know what has suddenly changed but I am definitely feeling a bit woozy.

One of the biggest things I have battled since this all started { besides the paralysis, obviously :0) } is low blood pressure.  It's been something that I have had to build back up.  Sitting up has often made me dizzy.  I haven't had that problem for a long time.

Suddenly things have taken a little stumble backwards.  Nothing super huge but I have to be careful when someone suddenly sits me up.  Most times I get down quick enough, only once did it come on too quickly.  Oops, scared my Mom. 

I feel like things are getting better though ... hopefully!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am truly blessed with GREAT friends!
My friend Alisha is going above and beyond!  She along with other friends are putting on a fundraiser for me and my family.

Thursday, August 26th
Cents of Style
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

My parents house
195 N. 685 W.
Blackfoot, Id 83221

  Cents of Style offers trendy shoes, jewelry, handbags and more.  Most sell for under $10 and everything is under $20.  We will have twice the inventory than other parties to promote buying.  Cents of Style will also donate cash for hitting certain dollar amounts in sales as well as booking a party of your own.

There will also be a bake sale.  So bring your kids and buy them a treat while you browse!

Please help spread the word.  Everyone is welcome.  Invite friends, family, co-workers.  Make it a night out!  

Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Months

Today I have been home from the hospital two months.  When I first got home I wasn't sure if we were going to make it a week!  But we did and things usually run fairly smooth.

Since I have been home I have accomplished a lot ...
  • much more strength and control in my abs
  • More strength in my arms
  • Being able to get on my elbows while lying on my stomach (even if I have carpet burned them to the point of bleeding)
  • Being able to wiggle three toes (this doesn't sound as cool as it really is)
  • Muscle Tone
  • Reflexes  (even though these came back on their own)

Things are progressing.  When I was in the hospital I couldn't even hold my head up.  It's easier to see the things I can't do than everything I can, but everyday I get better, and stronger, and one day closer to a full recovery.

    Sunday, August 8, 2010

    Therapy 8.4

    Good news is coming.

    My legs have tone in them!  They are not firm by any definition of the word but they are not as floppy or flaccid as they have been.  My leg muscles are twitching.  They are twitching to gain strength.  Once they are stronger then I can begin working them to build more strength.  It's another good sign that my nerves are healing.

    Technically I still have neurological damage.  I have clonus which is a tapping in my foot when trying to flex it.  Once it permanently goes away it's a great sign.  It shows I have made some significant neurological healing.

    Recovery from GBS is full of peaks and plateaus.  I am pretty sure I am in a peaking period.  My toes are cramping more as well as tingling.  I have that feeling that my limbs are falling asleep ... that prickling pins and needles feeling.  I also am having some serious pain in my hip.  I think I have sciatica as well as bursitis.  It's probably the most painful thing I have to deal with.  The pain pills I have don't really do much since a lot of my pain is neurological.  I also have scraped my elbows to bleeding by attempting to get on them while on my stomach.  I may need to invest in some elbow pads!