Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Screaming Shoulders

One more week of therapy is behind me and my arms and shoulders are reminding me of it all day long. Overall I felt like it was a successful week though. There were lots of depression lifts, hands and knees, and a tall kneeling. I've done tall kneeling before, but it seemed easier this week then I remember in the past. It's nice to see that my strength is coming. It's hard when I don't feel like there hasn't been something large accomplished though. I am happy to feel like I am always getting stronger. One more weeks, the back home again to work on my own.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goal #1 - Check

We'll I am excited that I have another check off my list! I am now able to dress myself. This gives me so much more independence! Pulling up pants is no easy task when nothing from the waist down is helpless. I finally can do it! I may not be too speedy but I can do it! Now I just need to keep working on other clothes besides sweats.

Another awesome moment happened this week. I finally purged my Pre Transverse Myelitis wardrobe. Most of them are gone. :( But I am excited to build a better wardrobe. Because I got rid of most of my clothes, this came with a lot of trying on. So I wore real pants! With buttons and a zipper! No more maternity stretchy jeans for me! I'm well on my way to checking off #18 too!

Ten more days and I'm back to Boise for the grind! Yikes!