Saturday, July 24, 2010


I heard the devastating news of the Sullengers

My heart aches for them. 

As I read of their struggles and losing their little girl; I shed tears.  Their adorable little Preslee is just two months older than Jack.  I can't fathom all the emotions they are feeling or do I like to even imagine how I would feel if my precious Jack were no longer on earth with me. 

More than feeling sorrow while reading their blog ... I was inspired!

Though I am sure it is not easy, their faith and trust in the Lord seems solid.  They are comforted by their knowledge and belief that everything happens for a reason.

I have realized this is the perfect time to work on my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father.  I have felt comfort through this whole 6 months that everything will be ok.  I am thankful for the spirit I have felt.  So much good has come from this struggle.  I have made great friends, been humbled by all those who have done services for me and my family, and inspired me to one day pay it forward to others in need.  

Those who have brought meals, shed tears, paid visits, done fundraisers, offered prayers in my behalf, and simply offered encouragement are not unnoticed.

I am thankful everyday for all I am blessed with ... even during trials!

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Kyle and Tiffany said...

You are an inspiration to others, too, Steph. I was so sad to read about little Preslee as well, but just as you said their faith seems unwavering. We all know we're going to have our own set of trials in this life, and it's so nice to know people that "stand strong and immovable" even in the face of hardship. Thank you for being one of those people. You are a HUGE example to me! Love you lots!