Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goal #23 - Check

I haven't ever been a huge movie theater kind of girl. I would much rather spend $7 on junk food and $2 on a rental, than $9 on a movie. However since the ability to go see a movie was taken away, I missed it. Luckily I have some great girlfriends who aren't afraid of a challenge.

Amy and Alisha were the first to take on the task. It was fun. It was nice just to get out. To eat popcorn and see previews. To feel a part of the real world, outside my home. After I accomplished it with Amy and Alisha, I was much more confident in my ability to do it with others.

Next was three wonderful ladies from my ward. We went out for a girls night. Red Lobster, a little shopping, and another movie.

After my outing with them I was lucky to go with my own munchkins and my family to see Brave.

It's nice to know that these little accomplishments open up my possibilities. So thanks girls, for dragging me out and helping me make another check mark.

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