Monday, August 29, 2011

One Week Behind Me

Well I have officially been here one week. So far it has been very good. I'm so impressed with everyone that works here. Their attitudes and knowledge are very impressive.

In physical therapy, we're working a lot on independent slide board transfers as well as balance and overall strengthening. Within a week I already feel a lot more confident with my transferring, and am hopeful that if I will have it down.

In occupational therapy, we are working on strengthening, adaptive tools, and a new hand splint that will help me pinch between my fingers and thumb better. This morning I worked on independent dressing and it was so hard I can't even explain it. I was so physically exhausted after a half-hour of wiggling around, trying to get my clothes off and on, reaching to my toes trying to push them over my feet, and him leaning forwards and backwards. I was thankful they came at seven in the morning so I could take the rest before getting up for the rest of my days.

I'm also working on bowel and bladder training ( is that TMI?).  The only reason I bring this up is because this is seriously as physically exhausting as physical therapy and occupational therapy.  Even more it's probably the most emotionally draining part.

I also found out today they would like me to stay for six more weeks.
I will more than likely be discharged on October 4.


*Melissa* said...

Six weeks?! You're going to come back all BUFF!!! :) It sounds intense! Keep up the good work though!

Hillary said...

Steph~ I still think of you all the time. I am praying for you that the next 6 weeks will be beneficial and make you super strong:) Hang in there... you are amazing!

Kyle and Tiffany said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're in good hands over there. It sounds like they have you working on a lot of different things...things that most people just totally take for granted. You are such an inspiration to me, Steph! I'm excited to see what the next six weeks has in store for you. Keep it up!

Tami said...

Let me just say that I for one am so excited that I get to see my "BFF" ;) so much over the next 6weeks! Love you!

lacey said...

Prayers heading your way from WASHINGTON!!