Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I go to the doctor again in a couple of weeks for a checkup. I'm so excited to go because I feel like I have made some good progress. Also, when I go, I will get new orders written to help my progress ... I hope. My PT and I have been talking, and we think it's time to look into full leg braces. This will help me with standing and eventually walking. Since it's something I will need for a long time more than likely, we decided to just go for the braces and see what we can accomplish. I know they're still a little ways off since I will have to be fitted for them and they will have to be made, but my heart seriously flutters every time I think that I may be standing on my own again. Not only do I feel excitement, but I feel at peace that this is the right step to be taking. I know it will not be easy, and I know it doesn't mean I will be walking shortly, but it's something new and I feel like it's finally a good step in the right direction.


Kyle and Tiffany said...

That's exciting news, Steph!

Tara said...

That is awesome. Wyatt had to have braces to learn to walk and they were made really quickly. So, maybe it will be faster then you think.