Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crawling ... or dragging!

I have been a little more tired than usual the last couple weeks, I'm hoping it's a healing spurt.  I remember when I was in the women's center, shortly before Talon was born, there were days for a couple of weeks I could not get enough sleep to save my life. If I take a nap during the day, that I'm up at night, if I don't, I'm exhausted all day but I sleep at night. It's a vicious cycle.

Yesterday after taking a nap, I was laying on my stomach. I decided to see if I was able to army crawl. I knew my legs were going to cooperate, but I wondered if I could shimmy and scoot forward any distance at all.  I totally did it! I went about 3 to 4 feet, and it took me about 10 to 15 minutes, but I did it. I probably could have scooted better and further but my body is such dead weight that my shirt kept pulling me tighter and tighter. Then I had to try to rock side to side to loosen my shirt up. And oh boy, do I have the rug burns to prove it. I think I would like to find something sticky for my arms, like a jar opening pad, and see if I'm able to scoot better on a slick surface like the kitchen floor. I think I'll let my elbows heal up before I try it again though. It was definitely exciting to feel that I moved any distance on my own. I will definitely keep working on that.  Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of some more movement on my part. I guess only time will tell.

I know I have been a slacker and blogging. I just feel like I'm blogging about these things that are so tiny, and although their exciting I just wish there was bigger things to report.  Like it's really so cool that I can straighten my leg a half of an inch.  We're doing so much in physical therapy right now. It's fun to see the things I can do now that I couldn't even do a month ago. I can tall kneel in front of a rolled up egg crate, I can scoot backwards while sitting, although it's very hard and I make very little distance.  My physical therapist suggested, if it's possible, that once I start working on standing and other things closer to walking, that I may want to look into going to a rehab facility again. It is still a ways away, but it's something to look forward to.  I feel she wouldn't even suggest that if it wasn't something she knew was going to come eventually.

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Kyle and Tiffany said...

I, for one, LOVE hearing about your little successes! Keep it up...let those elbows heal first, though. :)