Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Popping and Shopping

I feel like things are still progressing at a steady rate. I have had more good signs that things are continually progressing. My lower abs around my pelvic region have been contracting, which hopefully will help me get some more strength in my core.  I have also had a few more popping noises going on throughout therapy. My left hip has made a couple large popping noises, which leaves it incredibly uncomfortable. Luckily, we have found some stretches that help put my hip back into place. Also popping quite regularly are my shoulders and  wrists. My therapist say this is pretty normal since I don't have strong enough muscle to hold my joints into place correctly.

I have also enjoyed shopping and browsing online for OT supplies. There are so many crazy contraptions out there. I never thought that I could spend 2 to 3 hours just browsing around looking for things to help me. I was checking out hand controls recently. If my hands get working, temporarily I can use hand controls drive a vehicle. Now don't get nervous that I'll be on the road anytime soon, this is still a long ways away. It's nice to know though that there are still options out there.

I also have been looking into going back to school. I would love to take some online classes, and work closer towards getting a degree, the biggest hassle now is deciding what to go into. How much I recover will definitely play in the deciding factor, and since that is unknown it makes it even tougher. I have a couple years under my belt so I don't have a lot of free classes I can take before I will have to decide on a degree. It's something I'm still working on.


Hailey said...

You really are amazing Steph. You have more ambition that most people!

Kyle and Tiffany said...

Steady progress is a good thing! It's so nice that we live when we do, and that differnt technologies can be such a blessing in our lives. That would be awesome for you to go back to school! Good luck figuring out what you want to go into. That's always a hard decision to make.

Our Family said...

That's great that you've been thinking of going back to school. I'm trying to decide that as well. It's kinda scary thinking about starting school again, but very exciting as well! Keep up the positive attitude! You are amazing!

Jayme said...

Stephanie, have you happened to run into wheelability.com in any of your research? Their hand controls are portable and a lot cheaper than permanent. They were the perfect answer for me. I've been driving with them for about a year, and am so glad I found them. We couldn't have afforded permanent hand controls. And I really like that if something happens with my van, I can take them out and put them into any other automatic vehicle. I just thought I'd pass it on.