Friday, September 10, 2010

Tilt Table

This week started tilt table therapy.  It's pretty crazy to feel even semi-upright again.  It's good to feel weight through my feet too.  My therapists also say it's the best way to remind my brain that my legs have a purpose.  We are all hoping that this may speed up the healing process.  It went well.  I got a little dizzy/nauseous towards the end but it was still good.  My blood pressure is just so messed up too.  I get tilted to a certain point and it's like the blood just puddles in my legs and hangs out there.  We will keep at it and hopefully see some progress soon.


Kyle and Tiffany said...

You're doing great, Steph! Keep it up!

Hillary said...

Way to go! I just caught up on your posts and I think that would be one of the hardest things is learning to be a family again + a new addition:) Keep up the good work! PS~ I was at our ward temple night when you had your fundraiser... can I still buy stuff to go toward it? Let me know.