Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goal #12 - Check

It's strange the things I miss. I miss most of all my ability to care for my children's needs. In February while I was on Boise for therapy, Jack got sick. That Sunday, I didn't want him going to church and spreading the live, so Jack and I stayed home. Everyone else was at church, so of course, Jack would need a diaper change. Jack is truly so sweet. He asked me if I could change him, and I told him I would try but I would need his help. I am sure not feeling well worked in my favor this time, because he laid so still and was quite helpful. So it took some time, but we did it. Jack stood up and proudly yelled, "we did it" and we shared a high five!

This week, Jack, Talon, and I stayed home for a few hours while my Mom worked. Talon of course took a little more convincing, and it took both me and Jack to change him, but we did it. Not that I am on permanent diaper duty now, but it's nice to know it can be done if I have too.

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*Melissa* said...

"We did it!" Hahaha... LOVE IT!