Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goal #1 - Check

We'll I am excited that I have another check off my list! I am now able to dress myself. This gives me so much more independence! Pulling up pants is no easy task when nothing from the waist down is helpless. I finally can do it! I may not be too speedy but I can do it! Now I just need to keep working on other clothes besides sweats.

Another awesome moment happened this week. I finally purged my Pre Transverse Myelitis wardrobe. Most of them are gone. :( But I am excited to build a better wardrobe. Because I got rid of most of my clothes, this came with a lot of trying on. So I wore real pants! With buttons and a zipper! No more maternity stretchy jeans for me! I'm well on my way to checking off #18 too!

Ten more days and I'm back to Boise for the grind! Yikes!


Kyle and Tiffany said...

Go Steph! It's got to feel so good to be putting checks next to your goal list. You're amazing! Pretty soon that whole list will be checked off. :)

*Melissa* said...

You are amazing. :) I am so excited that you're reaching your goals! I hope Boise is going well for ya!