Monday, January 2, 2012


2012 I am hoping for lots of progress!

December was spent in Boise with my brother's family. Staying with them I was able to do a month of therapy. It probably sounds strange, but I look forward to therapy. It's my version of going to the gym, with my personal trainers. It usually is pretty rough. It often takes me about ten minutes to get down to the lobby, one floor away. I know it's a good session when it takes a good amount of energy to eat at dinner time. Physical therapy consisted of lots and lots of depression lifts, quadruped (hands and knees) which is a crazy total body workout,lots of arm and shoulder exercises, and working on balance to help strengthen my core. I feel like I might finally be getting a small response in my right triceps. While lying on my stomach I can push myself up into a little mermaid type position. (You like my description?) I'm hoping if I can keep doing my "mock" push-ups that maybe I won't need someone a one of my lovely personal assistants to lock out my right elbow to stay off my face in quadruped. (Don't lie, you chuckled at that visual!) My goals to reach before my PT's are stuck with me again. I want to be able to get off my right elbow while sitting on the edge of the bed. To do my "mock" push-ups easily, to get my butt just a little higher off the ground while doing depression lifts, and to be able to scoot right to left better. There is lots to work on.

OT had some good progress too. I am able to put my own sneakers on and I seriously am sooooooo close to be able to dress myself completely on my own. I need to master moving side to side and then I know I can do it. That's my big OT goal before I go back. That would not only be a giant check off my "30 by 30" list, but it would make me so much more independent! Then my next task would be figuring out how to put on jeans myself.

Rec therapy was great. I did pool therapy for every session. It was tiring but I felt like there was decent progress. We worked on walking every time, swimming, and stretching. I started the month being able to walk about two widths of the pool with ankle weights and two more without the weights. Later in the month I did six widths with weights and four more without. There is lots more strength and control in my legs. I feel more strength in my legs. I hope it's there and not just wishful thinking. I do notice that my legs are toning up, pants are fitting looser, my bulge from baby Talon is finally getting smaller.

2012 has hard work ahead! Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Stephanie! sounds like you are doing great. keep strong, keep smiling!
hugs! DeeAnn

Jessica said...

Steph, from your blog it sounds like you are moving a lot more. Hope this year is a great one for you! I think you are amazing!

Kyle and Tiffany said...

It sounds like you are making great progress! That is awesome! I truly hope that 2012 is a year of amazing things for you. You've been such a trooper the past two years, and continually amaze me.

*Melissa* said...

Woo Hoo!!! :) You always make me smile, Steph. You're so strong and you're my hero! This year is going to bring great things!