Monday, June 27, 2011

Braces Update

Sorry I have been such a slacker at updating this blog. Since I use a voice program to update it I preferred to do it when no one is in the house, except when I don't have my headset I'm pretty much stuck with not doing it at all. So here's what's going on, and what has happened last couple months.

On May 11, I got my full leg braces. The first time I tried them on, and stood, was in the orthopedics office. My dad, my physical therapist, and the orthopedist all helped me stand.  While it definitely was not easy, it went better than I had expected. I had nightmares for days before we went to get my braces that as soon as I stood upright, I passed out, then fell flat to the ground. Luckily, that was not the case. I did get dizzy, but if I leaned back against the table and laid my head on my dad's shoulder it was enough for me to recover before I could stand again. Everything went well at the orthopedics office, so we took the braces and went home and started therapy that very week. The first few times I stood, I stood in front of the kitchen sink. My hip flexor muscles are so tight that I had to stand with my back arched in order to stay up, or I was thrown forward.  Every time though, I was able to stand up straighter and straighter.  Standing in front of the sink even got a little too easy, so we now stand in front of my bed, and I use my dad to help balance me. Since my hands don't work, I'm unable to use a walker for balance. I'm hoping this week to get a platform walker, that will allow me to balance myself with my arms bent and resting on a platform, and my shoulders will able to do more of the work. We have also upped my sessions from twice a week to three times a week.  The biggest thing, is that I have actually taken a few steps. While I don't downplay my accomplishment, I don't consider them real steps, since it took me and my physical therapist and my dad to stay upright while I did them.  I do take credit for kicking my legs forward. It's definitely happen a lot quicker than I ever thought it would since getting my braces.

I also am looking into possibly going to Boise, to The Elks. It's the largest rehab facility in Idaho, and they have inpatient rehab for all kinds of people. They train spinal cord injuries how to be more independent. Although I don't have a spinal cord injury, my recovery is lightly based off the same rehab. Where I have progressed quicker than I imagined with my leg braces, I have discussed options with my therapist to thinks that might be a good idea.  If I get approved I will go to Boise for a few weeks to do more extensive therapy. I would be required to do a minimum of three hours, five days a week, and with that much therapy I hope that my progress would be much quicker. Hopefully I will know soon if I am approved, and when I can go to Boise.

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Kyle and Tiffany said...

Yay! I was so excited to see an update! I'm so glad that things with the leg braces have gone well. Keep us posted on if you get approved to go to Boise. It sounds like that would be a good opportunity for you. We love you, Steph!